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NSW Police Gazette - Unfit For Publication


NSW Police Gazette weekly, commenced 1856, masthead. Photo: Peter de Waal
NSW Police Gazette weekly, commenced 1856,
masthead. Photo: Peter de Waal

Notes for Readers

•   Names in this inventory are spelled as they were first found.
•   If subsequent entries had a different spelling these are preceded by aka.
•   Offenders often had aliases; these have been entered as aka and indexed separately.
•   Names were frequently misspelled and have been entered as found.
•   If multiple offenders were involved in one NSWPG entry the sequence of their names has been entered as found and are separated by a semi-colon.
•   Offences in (brackets) are those subsequently found with prisoner’s trial or discharge details if different from the original apprehension charge.
•   Trial dates found in ‘returns of prisoners tried’ tables and those in ‘prisoners discharged’ tables often vary. The latter tables usually included the more accurate dates and hence have been included where possible.
•   For multiple offenders when trial dates, sentence &c, are the same only one set of details is entered.
•   The dates entered for the NSWPG, in the ‘Trial/Charge date’ column, are the NSWPG issue dates for that publication. If, however, a trial date is mentioned in the NSWPG then that will be entered and the issue in which these details are found are placed after ‘PG’ and before the issue number.
•   The early NSWPG issues did not have exact discharge dates for prisoners released from prison. Instead it states ‘released since last publication’. To provide an estimate of the prisoner’s date of prison discharge the previous NSWPG issue date preceded by (since), has been used. Template NSWPG entries have been left blank where no data were provided or a question mark entered where data unavailable or uncertain.
•   Sources: SRNSW: NRS10957, [1/3356-1/3357] , Reports of crime etc. for police information, 1856-61, R3128-3129. SRNSW: NRS10958, [1/3197-1/3234], Police Gazette, NSW, 1862-1899, R3129-3143. SRNSW: NRS10958, [1/3235-1/3265], Police Gazette, NSW, 1900-1930, R3594-3606.