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Peter Bonsall-Boone for many hours of transcribing, typing and often punctuating depositions for all the cases which I dictated, for these volumes, at SRNSW.

David Conolly, a very dear and long standing Melbourne friend, for his many, many hours of deciphering and typing the Judge’s notebooks which often were full of abbreviations and what appeared to be early ‘Pitman’ shorthand symbols. Each notebook segment transcribed by him, from photocopied original notebooks, was checked 3 or 4 times by him for accuracy before inclusion in these volumes. His love for and knowledge of historical documents truly shown true by his unceasing capacity to interpret nearly illegible documents.

Peter Trebilco, a very long term friend and warrior in the struggle for many facets of inequality, for his unceasing reconnaissance of the NSW Police Gazette. His great effort in searching and locating appropriate offenders in the Gazette made my subsequent visits (to the Mitchell Library and SRNSW), to enter further offenders’ details, so much simpler and less time consuming. A vast amount of detail in Appendix A, at the end of this publication, is attributable to Peter’s efforts.

For all their assistance, guidance and support with locating archival materials: Lindsay Allen, Fabian LoSchiavo and Christine Yeats from SRNSW’s, Sydney Record Centre and Gail Davis, Wendy Gallagher, Robyn Grady, Emily Hanna, Rachel Hollis, Angela Kavuzlu, Janette Pelosi, Megan Roseblade, Suzanne Upton and Selena Williams from SRNSW’s Western Sydney Record Centre at Kingswood.

Also many thanks to the staff who work behind the scenes particularly in retrieving and photocopying documents.

Finally, special thanks and gratitude for Fabian and Gail’s willingness to share their expertise in deciphering, what appeared to me to be at times, illegible handwriting.

Ferguson Memorial Library, Presbyterian Church (NSW)

Siebe Fuykschot in the Netherlands for obtaining archival copies from the Amsterdam Scheepvaart Museum and his assistance with checking my translation.

Michael Lozinski, Sydney Hyde Park Barracks, for his assistance with details on cases at the Barracks.

Two generous private donations paid for some costly aspects of documenting and compiling these volumes.

Helen Lloyd for checking all the cases I collected using SRNSW documents against her list of individual NSW Supreme Court depositions’ list.

For assistance from the State Library of NSW’s staff (both Mitchell and Reference) with obtaining details from original documents including the NSW Police Gazette at Mitchell.

Country and Sydney metropolitan newspaper coverage of trials included in these documents was mainly accessed at the Reference section of the Library.

University of Sydney, Fisher librarian of the Audio-Visual collection for her assistance with finding and copying trial details in early Sydney newspapers.

Finally, I am greatly indebted to Viktor Ritelis for his graphic skills and the consequent cover design.