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Court of Criminal Jurisdiction, Minutes of Sydney Proceedings, 21 Aug 180 1 


[21 August 1809]
John Wilson brought to the Bar (V ?) (Ind ?) No. 9.

    Jacob (Bussell ?) [passim] a Boy of eleven years of age, being sworn, says, that he was in bed with the Prisoner at the Bar about an hour before day light, and the prisoner told him that if he would put his legs down he would (give ?) him a knife, Deponent told him that he would not accept it, he then got over on the left side of me, that he wanted to [be] connected with me, but could not, that he was a full quarter of an hour making such attempt, that he went to call out, but the prisoner kept his hand on his mouth which prevented him, that on getting up he acquainted his father with what had passed.

    Jacob Bussell Senior, Father of the Preceding Evidence Sworn, says that the boy informed him of the circumstance as stated in his Evidence.

    The Prisoner: Denies the charge & calls Jonathon Griffiths.

    Q by Prisoner: What is my general character?
    A: You have lived with me four years and have allways [sic] behaved well, I have every reason


to believe that you was intimate with one of Jacob Bussell’s daughters.

Acquitted –

    Mr [Nicholas] Bayly the Provost Marshall informs the Court that John Wall living at the Nepean was regularly subpoenaed and as an Evidence to attend this Court, and he gave for answer that he would not attend. The Court do therefore fine him £5 and to be imprisoned until paid.

Richard Atkins [Judge Advocate]


The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Sun 27 Aug, 1809  2 


    On Monday [21 Aug 1809] the Court of Criminal Jurisdiction re-assembled; when John Wilson was indicted for an abominable attempt, and acquitted for want of sufficient evidence.


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2  The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Sun 27 Aug 1809, p. 2.