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1847, Joseph Jones - Unfit For Publication
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New South Wales Government Gazette, Fri 22 Oct 1847 1

    The Tickets of Leave of the undermentioned Prisoners of the Crown have been cancelled for the reasons stated opposite their respective names.

    Joseph Jones, Hooghly 4, 1834, assault on a child under 6 years, Ipswich Bench.

    [signed] J McLean.

    Prin. Supt. of Convicts’ Office,
        Sydney, 18th October, 1847.

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The Sydney Morning Herald, Sat 23 Oct 1847 2

    TICKETS-OF-LEAVE CANCELLED.—The following prisoners of the Crown have had their tickets-of-leave cancelled for the reasons stated against their respective names:—

    Joseph Jones, per Hooghly 4, 1834, for assault on a child under six years, Ipswich Bench.
    AWFULLY SUDDEN DEATH.—The family of Captain Moriarty have been plunged into the deepest distress by the sudden death of Mr S Moriarty, barrister, eldest son to Captain M[oriarty] Mr S Moriarty was in his usual state of health (which we believe has been rather delicate for some time) on Thursday, and was on board the steamer Juno until she got under way, when he went to Balmain, where he resided with his father. In the evening, he went to a christening party in the neighbourhood, but retired early, and was in bed about ten o’clock. Shortly after he was in bed Mrs S Moriarty, perceiving that he was unwell, alarmed the house, but in a few minutes life had ceased. Captain Moriarty, who had come over to Sydney to dine with a mess of the 99th Regiment, was summoned from the festive board to mourn over his first-born child, and join in the wailings of his afflicted family, for before he reached his home his son was dead. Mr Moriarty leaves a widow but no children. We understand that before Mr Moriarty left Hobart Town the medical men there considered he was labouring under disease of the heart.

1  New South Wales Government Gazette, Fri 22 Oct 1847, p. 1147. Emphasis added.

2  The Sydney Morning Herald, Sat 23 Oct 1847, p. 2. Emphasis added.