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1881, Henry George Brettell - Unfit For Publication
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    [Unfortunately no newspaper report could be located of Brettell’s January 1881 absconding.]


The Telegraph and Shoalhaven Advertiser Thu 10 Mar 1881 1


AT the Shoalhaven Police Court, held at Nowra on Tuesday last, before their Worships Messrs B Brown and John Glanville, JsP, Charles Isaac Moss (?) [sic] Watson, printer, of Terrara, [aka Terara] Shoalhaven, pleaded not guilty to a charge—as per information of complainant—of having unlawfully assaulted and beaten George H Brettell, [aka Henry George Brettell] at Terrara, on the 23rd ultimo.

    After hearing evidence, the Bench found that the charge was fully proved, and fined the defendant in the sum of £1—costs of court and that of one witness added—the presiding magistrate expressing his surprise that defendant, a professed newspaper proprietor and editor, could so far lose his temper.

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The Telegraph and Shoalhaven Advertiser Thu 21 Apr 1881 2


AT the Shoalhaven Police Court, on Thursday last, before his Worship Mr John Glanville.

View of Terara township, between 1869 and 1910?. Image: NSW State Library collection. Reproduction: Peter de Waal
View of Terara township, between 1869 and 1910?.
Image: NSW State Library collection. Reproduction: Peter de Waal

    William Swan, who was charged with having been drunk and disorderly at Terrara on the 13th inst pleaded guilty, and was fined 2s-6d.—Fine paid.— Tho same offender was fined 10s for resisting the apprehending constable in the execution of his duty.

    (We inadvertently omitted the name of Mr James Thomson, JP, from the list of the Magistrates who attended on the 12th instant, Mr Thomson having taken his seat on the Bench before the business closed.)

    On Monday, before Mr John Glanville JP, James Devaney pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly at Nowra on Sunday, whilst service was being hold in the churches and while the people were dispersing from the same. He pleaded guilty and was fined 5s.—The same offender was charged with having made use of obscene language, and the charge having been proved on the evidence of Sergeant Grieve, Devaney was fined 5s for that offence.

    On Tuesday, before Messrs Bice, Brown, Fraser, Glanville, Monaghan, and McLoan, JsP, W Green was fined 5s for having made use of profane language at Terrara. Fine paid.

    The same offender was charged with having made use of obscene language at Terrara on Sunday, the 10th inst, near the Wesleyan Chapel. The charge was proved by Constable Brayne, and defendant was fined 5s and costs. Fine paid.

    Phillip Danger was brought before the Bench on two separate charges,—being drunk and disorderly at Terrara on the 10th, and making use of obscene language at the same time and place; and was fined 5s and costs for each offence, in all 17s 4d, which sum was paid.—

    George Lamb, Denis Murphy, Sydney Conn, Herbert Hyam, Harry Branch, D O’Keefe, and Charles Duff, urchins, in ago ranging from seven or eight to thirteen or fourteen years, pleaded not guilty to a charge preferred against them by Constable Brayne, of riotous and disorderly conduct at Terrara on the night of the 5th inst. — Constable Brayne, in evidence, stated that he had laid the charge on information he had received; he had delivered summonses to each of them, and their plea for the disorder was that the “actor” had requested them to make a noise so as to bring in the people who were outside, and for that purpose had let the boys into the hall that night; Duff and O’Keefe had made the same statement to him, though he had not seen them together, but miles apart. In this statement Constable Brayne testified to the truth of their assertion, as he had observed “Lieutenant” Rose clap his hands and lead the noise.—

    Henry George Brettell, who was door-keeper for the “Lieutenant,” recognised Conn, Lamb, and O’Keefe, as some of the boys who had made a noise. He did not know whether they had paid to go in, as Lieutenant Rose kept the door himself before he came; the boys were whistling and clapping, and making a great noise; some three or four ladies who were in the back seats, asked witness to get the boys to keep quiet, but they only gave back answers; some of them were smoking, but as they held their heads down he could not see who smoked; they were making a noise like applause, but continued it too long, and during the “ghost scene,” when quietness should have been observed, they refused to keep silent, though Lieutenant Rose, Mr Morton, and others, asked them to keep order.—

    Charles Isaac Moss Watson said he was at the entertainment; he could not recognise any of the defendants except Herbert Hyam, who was on the stage with Lieutenant Rose; he was of opinion that the offenders were more men-grown than the defendants. There was great disorder in the hall at the time referred to by him publicly, but he did not look round to see who was there. A boy was brought before the Bench last Court day, but he could not recognise him again if he saw him. He complained of having been subpoenaed, with all his men, in a case in which he could give no material evidence.—

    Sergeant Grieve as officer in charge of the police district, expressdd his regret that if the conduct was what it was reputed to have been the attention of the Police was not called to it.

    The Bench, through the Chairman, Mr Bice, said they would let them off with an admonition on this occasion as they had been insighted [sic] to the disorder by Lieut Rose, otherwise they would have sent each defendant, proved to have been guilty, to jail. That they were led on to excite the disorder this time by Lieut Rose, would not condone for repetition of the offence in which case they would be dealt with severely.


1     The Telegraph and Shoalhaven Advertiser, (NSW), Thu 10 Mar 1881, p. 2. Emphasis added.

2     The Telegraph and Shoalhaven Advertiser, (NSW), Thu 21 Apr 1881, p. 2. Emphasis added.