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1880, John Gillies - Unfit For Publication
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Evening News, Thu 29 Apr 1880 1


    At the Central Police Court this moraine, Mr Crane was assisted by Messrs Martin and Penfold. 22 inebriates and offenders against law and order were mulcted in the usual penalties.

    Thomas Smith, for neglecting to pay £3 due on an order of the court for the support of his deserted wife, was ordered to be sent to gaol till the money is paid.

    Elizabeth McCluskie, for using obscene langauge in Sussex-street, was fined £5, with the option of three months’ imprisonment.

    William Lewis and Mary Johnson were sent to gaol for one month

    John Gillies, for offending against decency in Hyde Park, was fined 10s with the alternative of one month’s imprisonment.

    Annie Davis, for using indecent language in Sussex-street, was fined 10s, or one month’s imprisonment.

    George Thomson for behaving in a riotous manner in King-street, was ordered to pay 40s, or to be imprisoned for seven days.

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The Sydney Morning Herald, Fri 30 Apr 1880 2


    Yesterday the Police Magistrate was assisted on the Criminal side by Messrs Penfold and Martin; and on the Summons side by Messrs Smithers, Beaumont, Stanley, Connell and McCoy.

    John Gillies, found guilty of offending against decency in Hyde Park between the hours of 3 and 4 on Wednesday afternoon ; Anne Davis, for making use of obscene language in Sussex-street, and George Thompson for riotous behaviour—fighting—in King-street; were severally sentenced to pay 40s each, or to be imprisoned one month.

    Thomas Smith, having neglected to comply with an order of Court for the support of Louisa his deserted wife, the sum of £3 being due and unpaid thereunder, was committed to gaol until such arrear shall have been paid.

    William Lewis, a suspected person, was charged with frequenting York-street, with intent to commit a felony. Constable Barrett about 10 o’clock on Wednesday night saw the prisoner throw his arm round the neck of a man who was under the influence of liquor, and with the other hand examine his pockets. Prisoner was adjudged to be guilty, and was sentenced to be imprisoned one month.

    Edward Sethe, a boy of about 12 years of age, was charged with interfering with the tramway line by altering the points, and pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to pay a penalty of five shillings, or to be detained in custody until 6 pm. The by-law under which the prosecution was instituted is at follows:—“Any person who shall without authority interfere with or alter any part of the tramway or any work connected therewith, … shall be liable to a penalty of £50.”

    Ellen Murray, charged with having wilfully broken windows the property of Thomas Sauntry, pleaded guilty, and was ordered to pay 15s damages, or to be imprisoned fourteen days.

    In the Summons Court, on the prosecution of Inspector Orara, about 30 persons were fined in sums varying from 5s to 20s, for offences under the Transit Commissioners’ By Laws—neglecting to exhibit lighted lamps after sunset, turning corners at a pace faster than a walk, carrying a greater number of passengers than the license allowed, and neglecting to keep a supply of the fare tables.

    Patrick Daly was found guilty of having wilfully damaged a cab, the property of Henry Hopkins, by driving his pole into it, and was ordered to pay 30s damages.

    Stuart Hill, having neglected to pay 10s cab hire due to Frederick Tanchert, an order was made requiring him to pay that amount, with the addition, besides the ordinary costs, of 20s compensation for the cabman’s loss of time.


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