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1898, John James Carter - Unfit For Publication
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Evening News, Fri 23 Dec 1898 1


    The management of the Cyclorama, George-street, opposite the Railway Station, are evidently determined not to he behindhand when it comes to providing something novel in the way, of an entertainment for the public. This was fully borne out by a visit paid to this palace of modern wonders last night. The beautiful pictorial representation of Jerusalem and the Crucifixion alone well repays the visitor; but, in addition, what is aptly termed a hall of illusions has now been added. Last night a trial was made with the “disappearing girl,” the latest illusion. The audience behold on the stage a framework of wood, intended to represent an open cabinet. From the centre hangs a light tackle. The girl is placed on a chair in full view of the audience, and is then hauled up to within a couple of feet of the top of the cabinet. The spectators never lose sight of her for a moment. Then the operator fires a pistol at the figure, the chair drops to the platform and the occupant vanishes from view. An equally clever illusion is the “mysterious cauldron.” A copper pot is attached to a tripod. The vessel is half- filled with water, and in it are placed a number of pigeons’ eggs. A fire is made beneath the cauldron, and in less than 10 seconds the lid is removed, and out flies a pigeon for every egg placed in the receptacle. These are but a few of the “wonders” which have been laid on. A special Christmas programme has been prepared, and, in addition to the ordinary sightseeing, a band will during the holiday season play upon the lawn, and each evening a number of vocal and instrumental items will be tendered.


    On Sunday last Constable S Green, of the Paddington Station, arrested a man named John Joseph [or John James] Carter, 34, on the old Rifle Range, and took him to the Paddington Station. At the station Carter was identified as the man who on two occasions committed acts of indecency on the old Rifle Range.

    At the Paddington Court yesterday Carter appeared before Mr Addison, SM. He said that his proper name was Elliot, and pleaded not guilty. The case was heard with closed doors, and after having heard the evidence Mr Addison said that he found the case proved.

    Senior-Sergeant Sherwood stated that the prisoner had been convicted on previous occasions, and once was ordered 25 lashes.

    His Worship said he was only sorry that he couldn’t give the prisoner three years. As it was he would give him all in his power, namely six months’ hard labor. His Worship then said he desired to thank Lieutenant Barton for the action he had taken in the matter.


1     Evening News, (Syd, NSW), Fri 23 Dec 1898, pp. 2, 3. Emphasis added.