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The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser, Thu 11 Jun 1868 1



(Before SB Dight and GT Loder, Esqs.)

    CRIMINAL ASSAULT ON A FEMALE CHILD.—Daniel Buckstone, [aka Daniel Buxton] alias Bill the Waiter, was charged with criminally and indecently assaulting a female child under twelve years of age. Constable Sparkes deposed: The prisoner was given into my charge by Mr Worrell, in John-street, last evening, for having committed an indecent assault on his female child; prisoner declined to me his name.—Tamar Worrell deposed: I am the wife of Joseph Worrell, residing in John-street; I sent my eldest daughter, Tamar Worrell, with a message last evening, for a short distance; she generally goes very quick, and I am sure last evening she was delayed longer than usual; she eventually returned home; she looked pale and frightened, trembling all over; she told me that a man had pulled her by the dress, and taken indecent liberties with her (the witness here gave other evidence, detailing the statement made to her by the child, &c, unfit for publication); the child took me to the place where she said the man had taken liberties with her; the man was not there then; about ten minutes or a quarter of an hour afterwards, however, the child pointed out to me the prisoner; I took hold of the prisoner, accused him of having assaulted my child, and called out for my husband to assist me; at the time the child pointed out to me the prisoner she said, "Mother, that's the man, don't let him touch me again;" I had the child examined by Dr Glennie this morning—The medical evidence given by Dr Glennie, and which is unfit for publication, showed that state in which he found the child.—Constable McKenzie, lockup keeper, deposed that the prisoner refused to give his name, also that the child had pointed out the prisoner to him, amongst several prisoners in the lock-up, as the man who had assaulted her.—Tamar Worrell, an intelligent looking child, eight years of age, was duly sworn, after having satisfied the bench that she understood the nature of an oath. She deposed that the prisoner met her on the previous evening when she was going for a message for her mother; the prisoner asked her what sort of lollies she liked; she said, "conversation;" prisoner showed her a shilling, and said he would get some lollies for her, and she should not tell her mother; she also deposed that after that the prisoner committed the assault complained of. The prisoner made no statement, and was committed for trial at the next Singleton Quarter Sessions. Bail allowed—himself in £80, and two sureties of £40 each.

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The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser, Sat 20 Jun 1868 2

(Abridged from our Singleton correspondent.)

This court was opened on Friday, June 19, before his Honor Mr District Court Judge McFarland. The following professional gentlemen were present:—Barristers: Mr Foster (Crown Prosecutor), Messrs Ellis, Rogers, and Docker,—Attorneys: Messrs Mullen, Thompson, and Waring.


    Daniel Buckstone was indicted for having, at Singleton on June 8, indecently assaulted Tamar Jane Worrell, a female child under twelve years of age. Prisoner, who was undefended, pleaded not guilty.
    The following witnesses were called.—Constable Sparke, Mrs Worrell, Dr Glennie, Constable McKenzie, and Tamar Jane Worrell.
    The evidence in this case is unfit for publication. The child fully identified the prisoner as the person who had assaulted her.
    In his defence, the prisoner simply protested his innocence. He was, however, found guilty by the jury, and sentenced to three years imprisonment, with hard labour.


    Elizabeth Hobson and Sarah Jane Evans were indicted for stealing £15, the property of Frederick Burden, of Singleton. Both prisoners pleaded guilty; Hobson was sentenced to eighteen months, and Evans to 15 months imprisonment in Maitland gaol.


    Frances Edwards was indicted for having endeavoured to conceal the birth of her male child at Fordwich, on April 15. Prisoner pleaded guilty to the charge.
    A written certificate of the prisoner's previous character was put in, signed by the Rev Mr Blackwood and other respectable gentlemen, in consideration of which his Honor sentenced her to be imprisonment for four months in Maitland gaol.


    Henry Read was indicted for having at Chain of Ponds, on June 15, stolen the sum of £3, the property of William Cartwright. Prisoner pleaded not guilty, and was undefended.
    The witnesses were constable Cruyse, William Cartwright, Henry McAlpin, and Joseph Whitton.
    The evidence in this case was the same as that taken before the magistrates, and an abstract of which will be found in Mercury of Thursday last.
    The case was not concluded when the court adjourned.
    Friday afternoon.

1  The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser, Thu 11 Jun 1868, p. 4. Emphasis added.
2  The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser, Sat 20 Jun 1868, p. 4. Emphasis added.