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1868, Charles Egan - Unfit For Publication
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The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser, Tue 10 Nov 1868 1


    ACCIDENT.—A poor man named Mullens, in the service of Andrew Loder, Esq, while adjusting a part of a reaping machine, had his fingers cut across severely. He was at once conveyed to Dr Gordon, at Murrurundi, who found it necessary to amputate one of the fingers.

    THE RAILWAY WORKS.—The contractor, Mr Macquarie, has come amongst us at last, and is making every preparation for beginning his contract. A vast quantity of bricks, lime, and timber of all kinds is being called for, and any number of labourers. Mr Macquarie, we hear, intends to take up his quarters near the Highland Home.

    ACCIDENT TO THE MAIL.—The up mail, last night, driven by Mr Bowden, as good a whip as there is on the road, capsized a short distance out of Musclebrook, [sic] the horses shying at a dead horse that has been for days allowed to lie beside the road. Several passengers were in the mail, but all escaped with a sever shaking, except Mr Grainger, of this town, and the guard of the mail, both of whom are very much hurt in their ankle joints. As soon as the coach was on its side Bowden rushed to the heads of his leading horses, and by his presence of mind no doubt a very sad calamity was prevented. Why the authorities allowed the dead animal to remain beside the road for days will, we hear, be a matter for further enquiry.

(Abridged from the Tamworth Examiner, Nov 7.)

    At the Tamworth District Court, on the 29th ultimo, Mr Judge Meymott gave damages £20 against the Rev Mr Currey of Gunnedah, at the suit of Mr William Hook Margrie, for malicious prosecution. Plaintiff had been arrested at the instance of defendant at Gunnedah, on the 16th July, on a charge of larceny, and when the case came on for hearing at the police court, it was withdrawn by Mr Currey. The word “dismissed” did not appear upon the police records of the case, and it was now argued for the defendant that a nonsuit should be entered, as there was no evidence before the court that the case had been determined at the police court. His Honor refused to grant a nonsuit, and characterised the objection as an ingenious quibble.

    William McIlveen, of Nundle, has been arrested on warrant, on a charge of assault. The Examiner states that he had had a quarrel with a man named Taylor, who was under the influence of drink at the time, and that Taylor was knocked into a fire and left there till he was so seriously burned that his life is endangered.

    A gold miner named William Tyrrell has been thrown from his horse and killed, at Woodsreef, near Barraba.

    The Examiner makes the following extract from a letter from Mr JC Lloyd, member for the district:—“He had also called upon the new Colonial Secretary to again urge upon the Government the necessity of better gaol accommodation at Tamworth, and is glad to be able to state that no further office obstruction will be offered to the commencement of the work and its final execution.

    The weather in Tamworth during the week had been hot—at times oppressively so. Rain was much wanted, but from existing appearances might be anticipated before long. On Thursday a heavy shower had fallen at Dungowan, towards the head of the Peel, and at Moonby.

    A lad named Charles Egan was arrested at Bingara on the 29th ultimo upon a charge of indecent assault upon a girl. He was brought before the bench, and remanded till the 13th instant, and was confined in the Bingara lockup, from which on Saturday night he attempted an escape, and nearly succeeded. The attempt was made by lifting some of the flooring boards, and removing the earth beneath. A hole had been excavated to the outer edge of the wall, and five minutes more would have set the prisoner free, when he was discovered by the lockup-keeper.


1  The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser, Tue 10 Nov 1868, p. 4. Emphasis added.