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1834, William Evans - UK - Unfit For Publication
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    Four convicts 1 William Evans 1834; John Mason 1834, (see 1834, John Mason); James Coulling 1836, (see 1836, Jame Coulling) and David Pickesley 1839 – were transported for unnatural crimes to the Colony of New South Wales. On their arrival they were assigned to Hyde Park Barracks for a period.

    Ship’s muster  2  details reveal that William Evans (aka William Ellis, according to Hyde Park Barracks details) a native of Shropshire, UK, aged 42, a soldier, protestant, with no education, single status who was 5' 6¾" tall with a dark sallow complexion, black hair, brown eyes and the top of his head having a bold scar, hairy arms, and a scarred knuckle on left forefinger, was court-martialled  3  and convicted at Moulmein, Calcutta, on 4 July 1834 for an unnatural crime. He was sentenced for life to the Colony of NSW. Evans first went per Resource 1835 from India to Van Diemen’s Land (VDL) and there transferred to the Siren to arrive in Sydney, from VDL, together with another seven male convicts, on 9th April 1836.

    Evans’s ticket of leave, No. 43/2187,  4  dated 8th September 1843 shows he was allowed to remain in the District of Maitland on recommendation of the Maitland Bench, dated May 1843. He died, being approximately 54 years old, 1st May 1846 vide Maitland PM letter 7th May 1846, (46/3542 ?).


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