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1885, George Brodason - Unfit For Publication
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The Pastoral Times, Sat 5 Dec 1885 1

(Before the Police Magistrate.)

    John McEvoy was charged with drunkenness and left off with a caution.

    Edward Carden was charged with being of unsound mind. The evidence of Constable Cowan, of Wentworth, went to show that he had seen the prisoner at Murgha station. He was standing on the bank of the river waving his arms about, and on being spoken to said he was trying to get the sun down. His actions were those of an insane person. He had not been drinking so far as witness was aware.

    He was remanded for eight days for medical treatment.

(Before the Police Magistrate).

    Eliza Brown was charged with drunkenness and let off with a caution.

(Before the Police Magistrate).

    George Brodeson was charged with attempting to commit an unnatural offence on the person of George Bell. 

    The case was heard with closed doors.

    The evidence of Constable Morrison went to show that Bell was drunk, and the accused was nearly so but knew what he was doing. The constable caught the accused in flagrante delicto and he was immediately arrested.

    Constable Foley gave corroborative evidence.

    Dr Noyes made an examination of both the men but found no traces of a crime such as that referred to, having been committed.

    George Bell’s evidence showed that he was very drunk and knew nothing about the case.

    The accused was committed for trial to the Quarter Sessions to be held on the 4th March next.

    George Bell was then charged with drunkeness [sic], and on pleading guilty was let off with a caution.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Pastoral Times, Sat 6 Mar 1886 2

(Before His Honour Judge Forbes.)


    George Brodeson [aka Brodason] was charged with attempted to commit an unnatural offence on George Bell . He pleaded not guilty, and the following jury (was ?) sworn:— H Howil, George Dorward, John (?), Thomas Heales, Samuel Cumming, H (Lloyd ?), (?) Quilliam, John Often, D Mott, MT (?), C Opitz and R Berryman.

    Mr Dillon prosecuted for the Crown.

    Sergeant Devine deposed that on the 2nd December last at about half-past eight in the evening saw a man named Bell sitting on the (fence ?) drunk. The prisoner was also present, he (said ?) “Don’t lock Bill up. He is my mate.” (He ?) told Constable Foley to search the man (?) what money he had on him. It was (?) the presence of Brodeson. Witness then left and saw Brodeson assist Bill off the footpath (to ?) the reserve.

    Prisoner applied for an interpreter and Mr [Her]man Moser was appointed to act.

    Constable Morrison deposed that on the 2nd December he went with Constable Foley to the reserve. Witness went in first and Foley (stood ?) (near ?) the fence. It was between eight and nine at night. Saw Brodeson and Bell together (in ?) (an ?) Indecent position. (Witness here described (what ?) he saw in detail. Witness called Constable (?) from the fence to see the state of the parties (and ?) then took the prisoner to the lockup and charged him with the offence. On the following (day ?) the prisoner said it was the whiskey had made do it. Prisoner was not drunk when arrested (and ?) knew what he was doing, but evidently had (been ?) drinking.

    To His Honour: The man Bell was (helpless ?) drunk.

    Constable Foley gave corroborative evidence (?) first stayed at the fence and Morrison (went ?) (The details as in the evidence given by Constable Morrison, are unfit for publication).

    George Bell deposed that the prisoner was (a ?) mate of his, neither was he (witness) (a ?) drover. Only saw the prisoner before the (day ?) offence was committed. Did not recollect anything about the offence. Was very drunk at the (time ?).

    The jury found the prisoner guilty without leaving the box; and his Honour sentenced the (prisoner ?) to five years imprisonment.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

George Brodesan, Gaol photo sheet 3

SRNSW: NRS2021, [3/6016], Berrima Gaol photographic description book, 1883-1888, No. 299, p. 82, R5093.


Gaol Photo Sheet - Transcribed Details

No. 299

Date when Portrait was taken: 12th May 1886

Name: George Brodesan

Native place: Germany

Year of birth: 1855

Arrived       Ship: Edward
in Colony }   Year: 1883

Trade or occupation
previous to conviction  } Laborer

Religion: Lutheran

Education, degree of: Nil

Height: 5' 8"

Weight     On committal:
in lbs     } On discharge:

Colour of hair: Fair

Colour of eyes: Hazel

Marks or special features: Woman dancing on left arm scar top of head large red mark like flat irons on right shoulder blade scar on left kneeMarks or special features:

Where and when tried: Deniliquin Q.S.
4th March 1886

Offence: Attempt to commit sodomy

Sentence: 5 yrs PS



 (No. of Previous Portrait ... ) 


Where and When Offence. Sentence





None recorded



1  The Pastoral Times, Sat 5 Dec 1885, p. 3. Emphasis added.

2  The Pastoral Times, Sat 6 Mar 1886, p. 2. Emphasis added. The marginal text of the newspaper was not microfilmed, hence some words could not be transcribed.

3  SRNSW: NRS2021, [3/6016], Berrima Gaol photographic description book, 1883-1888, No. 299, p. 82, R5093.