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1886, William Danforth - Unfit For Publication
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Below also see: William Danforth, 1888


The Pastoral Times, Sat 20 Nov 1886 1

(Before His Honour Judge Forbes.)

    Mr Dillon prosecuted for the Crown.


    William Danforth was charged with the (commission ?) Of an unnatural offence at Paika on the (?) of John Butcher, and on a second count with (indecent ?) assault.

    The prisoner pleaded not guilty, and the following jury was sworn:— RJ Moulton, W Boyes, (?) Skinner, HW Phillips, J Allers, EO (Beavers ?), G Currie, T Leetham, senr, J Laurie, senr, (?) King, WL Tredrea, and JC Smith.

    Messrs JG Evans and John King here entered into the necessary recognizance for (Daniel ?) O’Connor, and the prisoner was then liberated.

    His Honour discharged the remainder of the jury and congratulated the district on the (complete ?) immunity from crime.

    The case against Danforth then proceeded (when ?) the Crown Prosecutor gave a brief account of (?) the jury.

    The prisoner was undefended, and the case basically rested on the evidence of a man named (John ?) Butcher upon whom the alleged offence is said (to ?) have been committed. The evidence was (totally ?) unfit for publication. The prisoner, in cross-examination, attempted to show that the charge (was ?) trumped up against him because he had (?) (?) employment which the prisoner had been attempting to secure.

    The prisoner was found guilty, and sentenced (to ?) eighteen months’ imprisonment in Deniliquin (gaol ?).



William Danforth, 1888


The Argus, Tue 3 Jul 1888 2

(From Our Correspondents.)

Deniliquin, Monday.

    The Deniliquin Sessions were commenced and concluded to-day, before Judge Forbes. William Danforth, for horse stealing, was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment; James Bourke, for forgery and uttering to six months; and John Churchill and John Fry, for house breaking and stealing, to six months.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Pastoral Times, Sat 7 Jul 1888 3

(Before His Honour Judge Forbes.)

    The Court opened at ten o’clock on Monday morning. His Honor Judge Forbes presided, and Mr WL Merewether prosecuted for the Crown.


    William Danforth was charged with horse stealing at Warbreccan, and pleaded guilty.

    The police records showed that he had only been out of gaol a fortnight after serving 18 months in Deniliquin gaol for indecent assault, when the present offence was committed.

    The prisoner was sentenced to hard labour in Darlinghurst gaol for three years.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

William Danforth, Gaol photo sheet 4

SRNSW: NRS2021, [3/6016], Berrima Gaol photographic description book, 1883-1888, No. 330, p.113, R5093.

Gaol Photo Sheet - 
Transcribed Details

No. 330

Date when Portrait was taken: 27th July 1888

Name: William Danforth

Native place: America

Year of birth: 1858

Arrived       Ship: Aberdeen
in Colony }   Year: 1880

Trade or occupation
previous to conviction  } Laborer

Religion: CE

Education, degree of: R&W

Height: 5' 10"

Weight     On committal:
in lbs     } On discharge:

Colour of hair: Brown

Colour of eyes: Hazel

Marks or special features: Sword wound inside left shoulder WHD wreath woman dancing on Star right arm, anchor on left arm

Where and when tried: Deniliquin Q.S
2nd July 1888

Offence: Horse stealing

Sentence: 3 yrs HL Darlinghurst Gaol


 (No. of Previous Portrait ...  ) 


Where and When Offence. Sentence

Deniliquin Q.S.




Indecent assault

18 months HL


1  The Pastoral Times, Sat 20 Nov 1886, p. 2. The marginal text of the newspaper was not microfilmed, hence some words could not be transcribed.

2  The Argus, Tue 3 Jul 1888, p. 7. Emphasis added.

3  The Pastoral Times, Sat 7 Jul 1888, p. 5.

4  SRNSW: NRS2021, [3/6016], Berrima Gaol photographic description book, 1883-1888, No. 330, p.113, R5093.