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The Silver Age, Tue 2 Dec 1890


    The following is the list of the cases that will be heard by his Honor Judge Fitzharding[e], beginning on Wednesday morning:– Mary Dawnes, larceny in a dwelling; George William Holm, larceny of carpenters tools, valued £10; Arthur Attre, alias Casse, alias Wylie, false pretences; Giles Escott Robinson, assault on one Thomas Simpson; James Simpson, assaulting one Giles A Robinson; Charles Cordes, inflicting grievous bodily harm on one Francis Bradford; Thoms Hackett, bestiality.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Barrier Miner, Wed 3 Dec 1890 2

(Before His Honor Judge Fitzhardinge.)

    The Court of Quarter Sessions was opened at 10 o’clock this morning by his Honor Judge Fitzhardinge. Mr J Armstrong prosecuted on behalf of the Crown. Mr Badham, PM, as deputy sheriff, occupied a seat on the Bench. Mr CG Gibson, registrar, was Clerk of Court.


    Arthur Attre pleaded guilty to a charge of obtaining, by false pretences, the sum of £97 from AR Hamblyn, of Silverton, on August 7, 1888, and was remanded for sentence.


    T[homas] Hackett pleaded not guilty to a charge [bestiality on a sheep] of this nature, alleged to have been committed at Boncarie [sic–Pooncarie] on the 8th November last. A jury having been empanelled, Constable Rowland and Senior-constable Bowen gave evidence which directly implicated the accused. The prisoner [Thomas Hackett] called no witnesses, but in a few words which he addressed to the jury he stated that he remembered nothing of the circumstances alleged, having been under the influence of drink at the time. The Judge summed up very briefly, and, after retiring for a short time, the jury returned a verdict of guilty. The prisoner was remanded for sentence.


    The sittings of the District Criminal Court were continued this afternoon before Judge Fitzhardinge. Mary Downes [sic], charged with larceny of a watch, was acquitted. In the assault cases against Giles Escott Robinson and James Simpson the Crown withdrew the graver charge of causing grievous bodily harm, and the accused having pleaded guilty to The charge of common assault were fined £5 and £3 respectively. The prisoners convicted this morning were sentenced as follows:– Arthur Attre (against whom there were an extremely large number of previous conviction) two years, with hard labor, in Hay gaol; George William Holm, larceny of carpenters tools, three years’ penal servitude; Thomas Hackett, bestiality, the minimum term of five years’ penal servitude.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Silver Age, Thu 4 Dec 1890 3

(Before His Honor Mr Justice Fitzhardinge and juries.)

    Mr Armstrong prosecuted on behalf of the Crown, Mr CL Badham, PM, was appointed deputy-sheriff, and Mr CG Gibson, deputy clerk of peace.


    Thomas Hackett was charged with committing an act of bestiality at Pooncarie on November 8. Evidence was given which showed that the prisoner was seen committing an offence of a most disgusting character. When he found he was observed he attempted to make off, but was captured. The jury found him guilty, and His Honor sentenced the prisoner to penal servitude for five years.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thomas Hackett, Gaol photo sheet 4

SRNSW: NRS2021, [3/6017], Berrima Gaol photographic description book, 1888-1907, No. 364, p. 28, R5093.

Gaol Photo Sheet - 
Transcribed Details

No. 364                                                                                      

Date when Portrait was taken: 6-7-1891

Name: Thomas Hackett

Native place: BC Victoria

Year of birth: 1865

Arrived       Ship:
in Colony }   Year:

Trade or occupation
previous to conviction  } Laborer

Religion: C of E

Education, degree of: R&W

Height: 5' 8¼"

Weight     On committal:
in lbs     } On discharge:

Colour of hair: Black

Colour of eyes: Hazel

Marks or special features:

Where and when tried: Broken Hill Q.S.
3 December 1890

Offence: Bestiality

Sentence: 5 years P.S.


(No. of previous Portrait ... ) 


Where and When Offence. Sentence









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