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Evening News, Wed 13 Jul 1892 1

(Some of the following items appeared in our
later editions of yesterday.)


    Kempsey Quarter Sessions opened this morning before his Honor Judge Fitzhardinge. There were only two cases to be tried. A Vernon boy, [Corrie], working at Smithtown was sentenced to five months in Port Macquarie Gaol for attempted bestiality, and a prisoner for escaping from Trial Bay Prison was sentenced to six months in Goulburn Gaol. The case against a man named Cook for abduction did not come off, the parties having got married.

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The Macleay Argus, Wed 13 Jul 1892 2

Tuesday.—Before His Honor, Judge Fitzhardinge.


    A[lexander] D[avid] Corrie was charged with bestiality. After hearing the evidence and the addresses which followed, the jury brought in a verdict of guilty of attempt, with a recommendation to mercy on account of his youth. His late employer gave him a good character as a worker, as also did the lockup keeper. His Honor sentenced him to five months hard labor in Port Macquarie Gaol.


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