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1894, George Evans - Unfit For Publication
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Nepean Times, Sat 16 Dec 1893 1

Before the PM.


    George Evans, a stranger, respectably dressed, fairly well educated, but somewhat peculiar in manner, was committed to take his trial at Parramatta Quarter Sessions on 9th February next. For an interval accused commenced to make a statement but after being twice warned by his Worship, he cut it short. The following is the statement as taken down: “On 7th December, about one o’clock I came into Penrith, I had a swag with me and am a traveller going into the country; I had not much of an appetite and called at a house for a drink, thinking it would revive me a little; I found the glass of ale I got not very good, there was some unaccountable fault in the taste; I had been drinking about two hours in Penrith and don’t know what happened afterwards. I was under the influence of liquor and did not know what I was doing.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers’ Advocate, Sat 10 Feb 1894 2








    The February sittings of the Sessions at Parramatta, were opened at the Courthouse on Friday morning, before his Honor, Judge Murray. Mr AF Dawson appeared on behalf of the Crown, and Mr Gonsolves acted as Judge’s Associate. There were six prisoners arraigned. After the list of jurors had been called over, Mr Thomas James Barnett, Governor of Parramatta gaol, and Dr Francis Henry Furnival, returning-officer for the Electoral District of Granville, were sworn in as Magistrates of the territory. His Honor congratulated the gentlemen on the honor conferred on them, and hoped that the responsibilities of their duties would not be too great for them. He was assured that the colony would be benefitted [sic] by their services.

    The inconvenience to which reporters have ever been put to at the Parramatta Sessions, by persons who had no business but to gratify their curiosity crowding round the press box, was brought under the notice of his Honor, Judge Murray, on Friday. His Honor at once made an order that the surroundings of the Press box should be kept clear and deputed an officer of the Court to see that his orders were carried into effect. The reporters desire to thank his Honor for making their position a little more bearable than it has been hitherto during session time in Parramatta.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Evening News, Mon 12 Feb 1894 3


    At Parramatta Quarter Sessions Saturday

    George Evans was sentenced to three years’ penal servitude for committing an unnatural offence, at Emu Plains, on December 7 [1893].

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Sydney Morning Herald, Sat 10 Feb 1894 4

(Before his Honor Judge MURRAY.)


    George Evans was charged with committing an offence at Emu Plains on 7th December last. The defence set up was that he was drunk at the time, and did not know anything of the matter. The jury found prisoner guilty, and his Honor passed a sentence of three years’ penal servitude.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Cumberland Mercury and Parramatta Gazette, Sat 17 Feb 1894 5

Friday, Feb 9.

     George Evans, convicted of an unnatural offence, [bestiality with a mare ], at Emu Plains, on 7th of December, was sentenced to three years imprisonment in Parramatta Gaol.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

George Evans, Gaol photo sheet 6

SRNSW: NRS2397, [3/6009a], Parramatta photographic description book, 1891-1897, No. 484, p. 76, R5136.

Gaol Photo Sheet - 
Transcribed Details

No. 484

Date when Portrait was taken: 23rd February 1894

Name: George Evans

Native place: England

Year of birth: 1863

Arrived       Ship: Lusitania
in Colony }   Year: 1879

Trade or occupation
previous to conviction  } Laborer

Religion: C of E

Education, degree of: R & W

Height: 5' 9¾"

Weight     On committal: 109
in lbs     } On discharge:

Colour of hair: Brown

Colour of eyes: Hazel

Marks or special features: Scar on left eyebrow, scar and blue mark on back of left hand nose crocked

Where and when tried: Parramatta Q.S.
9 February 1894

Offence: Committing an unnatural offence on a mare

Sentence: 3 years H.L.

(No. of previous Portrait ... ) 


Where and When Offence. Sentence







Discharged by Remission 11 June 1896. [No fixed place of abode] 


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