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1896, Thomas Bailey - Unfit For Publication
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The Cootamundra Herald, Wed 4 Mar 1896 1


BEFORE his Honor Judge Forbes. Mr EP Barnes, JP, Deputy Sheriff, was present.

    The Crown Prosecutor was Mr H Mason, and he was the only barrister present.


    Thomas Bailey was charged with having committed the above offence at Wyalong.

    George Brown, a bootmaker, gave evidence of a disgusting nature, unfit for publication. He informed the police.

    Witness was cross-examined by Mr Coonan.

    Dr Grieves described his examination of Brown.

    Thomas Byron, a miner, gave evidence to the effect that prisoner stayed at his place on the night in question.

    Frank Mitchell gave evidence to the effect that prisoner stayed all night in the tent which was occupied by Byron and himself.

    Constable [Archibald] Ivory gave evidence as to the information and arrest.

    To Mr Coonan: witness said Brown was known as “The Rabbit” and was a great “boozer;” that he was very drunk on the night in question.

    Prisoner [Thomas Bailey] offered a statement enclosed in an envelope; but his Honor ruled that it

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 must be a verbal statement. He made a verbal statement to the effect that Brown was always pestering him for money.

    Mr Coonan addressed the jury and made a strong appeal on behalf of his client.

    Mr Harris addressed the jury.

    His Honor summed up.

    The summing up was against the prisoner.

    The jury retired at 3.40; and, after deliberation returned with a verdict of guilty. Sentence, 2 years.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Evening News, Wed 4 Mar 1895 2


    COOTAMUNDRA, Wednesday.—

    Thomas Bailey received two years’ penal servitude for committing an unnatural offence at Wyalong.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thomas Bailey, Gaol photo sheet 3

SRNSW: NRS2232, [3/5971], Goulburn Gaol photographic description book, 18 Jul 1893-9 Sep 1896, No. 1078, p. 176, R5119.

Gaol Photo Sheet - 
Transcribed Details

No. 1078

Date when Portrait was taken: 25th March 1896

Name: Thomas Bailey

Native place: Marengo NSW

Year of birth: 1863

Arrived       Ship:
in Colony }   Year:

Trade or occupation
previous to conviction  } Bootmaker

Religion: C of E

Education, degree of: R & W

Height: 5' 4¼"

Weight     On committal: 142 lbs
in lbs     } On discharge:

Colour of hair: Black

Colour of eyes: Brown

Marks or special features: Half caste Sudan, small scar left thumb scar on right shin, small scar left thumb, scar on back of neck, mole under neck, scar on left temple &, on centre of fore head

(No. of previous Portrait ... ) 


Where and When Offence. Sentence

Cootamundra Q.S





2 years H.L.


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2     Evening News, (Sydney, NSW), Wed 4 Mar 1895, p. 5.

3     SRNSW: NRS2232, [3/5971], Goulburn Gaol photographic description book, 18 Jul 1893-9 Sep 1896, No. 1078, p. 176, R5119.