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1897, Richard Collier - Unfit For Publication
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Evening News, Wed 24 Nov 1897 1


    Richard Collier, 27, laborer, was committed for trial by Mr Delohery, SM, at the Water Police Court yesterday afternoon for a shocking offence.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Sydney Morning Herald, Wed 1 Dec 1897 2

(Before his Honor Judge Fitzhardinge.)

    The following is a list of cases set down for hearing at the Darlinghurst Court of Quarter Sessions:—Thos Dillon, stealing (two charges); George Casey and Edward Parnell, house-breaking; Mary Winter and Adelaide McMeehan, concealment of birth; Thomas McCarthy and Joseph Williams, stealing in a dwelling; Edward Fielding, uttering counterfeit coin; Harry Picker, alias “Earl of Hardwicke,” false pretences; Robert Joseph Craney and Benjamin Harvey, breaking and entering; James Kennedy, breaking and entering; William Edward Joseph Simmons, false pretences; Heinrich Hartz, inflicting grievous bodily harm; Emily Marion Dickenson, keeping a disorderly house; Patrick Kain, inflicting grievous bodily harm; Mary Stevens, stealing from the person; Henry Bradley, embezzlement and false pretences; Henry James Monk, larceny and horse stealing; Claud Herrick, horse stealing and receiving; George Thompson and Edward Connolly, assault and robbery; Leo Nelkin, inflicting grievous bodily harm; Augusta Patterson, larceny (eight charges); Joseph Thompson, attempted breaking and entering; Henry Smith and Annie Smith, stealing in a dwelling; Ah Sam, larceny; Harry Talbot Wall, indecent assault (two charges); Richard Collier, offence against decency; George Hannibal, stealing; Frank Field and James Bastable, stealing; Annie O’Leary, abandoning her child; George Myles, disturbing a congregation; Jane Edmundson, abandoning her child.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Maitland Daily Mercury, Wed 8 Dec 1897 3

(Press Telegraph Association.)


    At the Quarter Sessions to-day a young man named Richard Collier, convicted of a gross offence, was remanded for sentence.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Daily Telegraph, Thu 9 Dec 1897 4

(Before Judge Fitzhardinge and juries of 12.)


    Richard Collier, a respectable-looking young man, was arraigned upon a charge of indecency, and found guilty. The offence was said to have taken place in a lane of Globe-street. As this was a first offence, a light sentence was passed. The accused was sentenced to one month’s imprisonment, at the expiration of that term to enter into his own recognisances of £40 to be of good behaviour for two years, in default, a further term of one month’s imprisonment.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Sydney Morning Herald, Thu 9 Dec 1897


At Darlinghurst

(Before Judge Fitzhardinge and juries of 12.)

    Mr WL Merewether was the Crown prosecutor.


    Richard Collier, a young man of respectable appearance, was found guilty of indecent exposure in a lane off Globe-street. His Honor sentenced him to one month’s imprisonment, at the expiration of that term to enter into his own recognisance to be of good behaviour for two years; in default, to be further imprisoned for another period of one month.


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