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The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Sun 17 Sep, 1809  1 

    The Bench of Magistrates at Hawkesbury, on Saturday the 18th instant, found it necessary to order the corporal punishment of 50 lashes to be inflicted on Henry Kelly (a prisoner), for gross prevarication indelivering his evidence, and for manifesting a deposition to conceal and disguise the facts within his knowledge, with a view to prevent and defeat the course of justice; and the Bench declared their determination on every occasion to punish in the most public and exemplary manner, every person concerned in practices so injurious to the interest of society, and that were calculated for purposes so scandalous and disgraceful.

    On the Monday following the Bench were convened to enquire into the conduct of John Boulton, charged with acts of indecency which delicacy refrains the mention of in a public print. It will suffice that the Bench, after a long and patient hearing and examination of numerous witnesses, were fully satisfied with the prisoner’s guilt; and sentenced the said John Boulton to be set in the public stocks on the Green Hills, at the Hawkesbury, on the following Saturday in the forenoon, there to remain for the space of two hours; to be confined in the gaol at the Hawkesbury until Saturday (the day on which the public punishment is to be inflicted), and then to be removed to the common gaol at Parramatta, where he is to be imprisoned for one month from the 25th of November instant.


1  The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Sun 26 Nov 1809, p. 1. Emphasis added.