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1906, William Parker - Unfit For Publication
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The Pambula Voice and Twofold Bay and Southern Monaro Chronicle, Fri 14 Sep 1906 1


    Mr W Wilcox left by Wednesday’s steamer for Sydney after a residence of five years in Pambula. He intends visiting various parts of the Commonwealth, subsequently taking passage to London.

    Mrs John Dowling returned to Pambula yesterday from Sydney, travelling overland. Although not quite recovered, it is hoped that the change will prove beneficial to the patient.

    A meeting of the Pambula River Aquatic Club’s committee lapsed on Saturday through insufficient attendance.

    At the Pambula Police Court on Tuesday, before the PM, W[illiam] Parker was charged under Section 81 of the Crimes Act, No 40 of 1900. Mr Bland appeared for accused, and Senior-Constable Kelly conducted the case for the Crown. Evidence was given by Constable McCabe, CB Taylor, and D O’Leary. Accused, who reserved his defence, was committed for trial at Bega on 13th November. Bail was granted, self in £50, and two sureties of £25 each or one in £50, and this was forthcoming.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Bega Budget, Sat 15 Sep 1906 2


    William Parker was arrested at Pambula on Monday and on Tuesday was charged with committing an unnatural offence. He was committed for trial at next Bega sessions.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Southern Star, Sat 10 Nov 1906 3


    FIVE cases for the Sessions on Tuesday—Evans and Watson from Nerrigundah, the former for an offence against his own daughter, and the latter for larceny; Hutton and Gannon, from Wyndham, the former for making a false declaration in respect of an old age pension, and the latter for arson; and W Parker, from Pambula, for an alleged assault.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Sydney Morning Herald, Thu 15 Nov 1906 4



Bega, Wednesday.

    At the Quarter Sessions to-day, before Judge Fitzhardinge, Mr J Armstrong, KC, being Crown Prosecutor, Charles William Evans, of Nimitybelle, [sic] for assaulting his daughter, aged 14 years and 10 months, was sentenced to five years’ penal servitude in Goulburn Gaol. The Judge remarked that only for the good character given prisoner by the police he would have imposed a very severe penalty for the awful crime, which was one of the worst that ever came before him. Prisoner was lucky in getting off with such a light penalty. John Joseph Gannon, Wyndham, was charged with setting fire to a house, the property of Daniel Bray, at Newstation, near Wyndham. The jury retired at 1 pm, and had not agreed this evening. Accused was defended by Mr F Bland (Messrs Bland and Cunningham). William Parker, of Pambula, was charged with assault and found not guilty. He was defended by Mr Bland. A District Court was opened this afternoon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Bega Standard and Candelo, Merimbula, Pambula, Eden, Wolumla and General Advertiser, Fri 16 Nov 1906 5

Tuesday, 13th Nov, 1906.
(Before His Honor, Judge Fitzhardinge.)
(Crown Prosecutor: Mr Armstrong, KC.)

    The Sessions opened on Tuesday, a large number of persons being present. Mr Hawkins, PM, and the local solicitors and Mr Hungerford, of Pambula, attended.

    Messrs Alfred Payne, James Chinnocks and FST Brown, having left the district, were excused for non-attendance as jurymen.


(Continued from page 2.)

    William Parker was charged with having committed an unnatural offence, [indecent assault on Christian Bert Taylor , 21], at Pambula. Jury: WJ Coman, Jas Hayden, DJ Cahill, Jas Cochrane, jnr, DA Gowing, Robert Hart, John Tarlinton (foreman), Michael Breen, LV Harrison, Samuel Underhill, JF Ziegler, John McPaul. Two jurymen were challenged by the Crown. Mr Bland appeared for accused. A quantity of evidence was taken, after which Mr Bland addressed the jury, and his Honor summed up. The jury, after a short retirement, returned with a verdict of not guilty, and Parker was discharged.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Southern Star, Sat 17 Nov 1906 6

(Before His Honor Judge


    William Parker, miner, of Pambula, was charged with committing an alleged indecent assault upon Christian Bert Taylor, a youth, at the Commercial Hotel, Pambula, on or about the night of August the 17th.

    Accused pleaded not guilty, and was defended by Mr Bland.

    Jury: J Tarlinton (foreman), WJ Coman, Jas Hayden, DJ Cahill, Jas Cochrane jnr, DA Gowing, LV Harrison, M Breen, JF Zeigler, R Hart, John McPaul, and Sam Underhill.

    Evidence for the Crown was given by Taylor, Dan O’Leary, and Constable McCabe. Accused gave evidence on his own behalf, and called two witnesses as to his character.

    Mr Bland addressed the jury, and his Honor briefly summed up. The jury, after a few minutes deliberation, returned a verdict of not guilty.


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