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1928, Arthur Robert Elsholz - Unfit For Publication
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Arthur Robert Elsholz, 1922

Arthur Robert Elsholz, 1924 – Indecent exposure
Below also see: Arthur Robert Elsholz, 1928 – Indecent exposure
Arthur Robert Elsholz, 1945


Queensland Times, Thu 26 Jan 1922 1


    In the Ipswich Police Court yesterday, before the Police Magistrate, (Mr J Stewart Berge) Arthur Robert Elsholz, pleaded “Guilty” to a charge of indecency, in Queen’s Park.

Queen's Park, Ipswich, superimposed over a map of sunny Queensland, c. 1910. Image: Qld State Library collection, 4831 Postcard Collection. Reproduction: Peter de Waal
Queen's Park, Ipswich, superimposed over a map of sunny Queensland,
c. 1910. Image: Qld State Library collection, 4831 Postcard Collection.
Reproduction: Peter de Waal

    The defendant was fined £5 in default two months’ imprisonment.


Arthur Robert Elsholz
, 1924


Queensland Times, Tue 12 Feb 1924 2


    A R Elsholz was before Mr RC Grenier, JP, in the Ipiswich Police Court yesterday charged with indecent exposure near a public thoroughfare in Queen’s Park on Sunday.

    Acting Sergeant Bell gave evidence of arrest, and Dave Tucker stated the nature of the offence. Tucker and two other men accosted the accused in the park in response to a complaint as to his behaviour.

    Accused pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment with hard labour.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Daily Standard, Thu 14 Feb 1924 3

    A R Elsholz has been sentenced to three months imprisonment for indecent exposure in the Queen’s Park, at Ipswich, on Sunday. He pleaded guilty.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Telegraph, Fri 15 Aug 1924 4


    For sale, good draught Horse, two sets of Harness; also spring Drays, in good order; apply A R Elsholz, East Ipswich.


Arthur Robert Elsholz
, 1928


The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers’ Advocate, Thu 22 Nov 1928 5

Man’s Disgusting Behaviour

    Arthur Robert Elsholz, 6 aged 28,was arrested on 26th October, for an indescribably revolting act of indecency, committed on the eighth occasion within a fortnight on the car platform of the train between Eastwood and Ryde, each afternoon at about the same hour, and when passing the same houses, and each time in view of children.

    Two constables were detailed for the duty, and caught him in the act.

    Several well-known gentlemen from the Carlingford district, where accused lived, attended Court and gave him an excellent character. “He never drinks, smokes, gambles nor swears,” was the testimony of one witness.

    Mr Flynn, SM, acknowledged the testimony as to character, but said that a man may be a decent citizen in other respects, and even a good moral man, but, owing to some mental or moral kink in his nature, addicted to this filthy habit. He felt that he must he guided by two considerations in dealing with this case, which had been proved so conclusively that there was no room for the least possible doubt. He munst impose a sentence that would have the effect of deterring others, and, in the interest of the man himself, he thought that it was necessary to give an opportunity of medical treatment that would, perhaps, be beneficial during his future life. He, therefore, sentenced him to six months imprisonment with hard labor.

    In reply to an application, he refused to apply “first offender” privileges and suspend sentence.


Arthur Robert Elsholz
, 1945


The Courier-Mail, Sat 28 Apr 1945 7

    (a) Wilhelm Friedrich Carl Elsholz, late of Basin Pocket, Ipswich.—(b) 4th March, 1945.—(c) Arthur Robert Elsholz and Mary Millie (otherwise Mary Amelia) Elsholz, spinster, both of the same place, as Devisees in Trust.—(d) Subs. 3 to 5 suburban allot 77 (to the depth of 70 feet from the surface only), parish Ipswich.—(e) Fee-simple.—(f) Will dated 18th May, 1944.


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