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1922, Samuel Guy - Unfit For Publication
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The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers’ Advocate, Sat 16 Sep 1922 1

Monday, September 11.
(Before Mr AJ Peisley, SM.)

    Robert Lock was charged with unlawfully assaulting Josephine Aitken, at Parramatta, on September 9. He pleaded not guilty.

    Josephine Aitken, a married woman residing in Sorrell-street, Parramatta, said defendant came to her place about 4.20 pm last Saturday. When she “shut the front door on him”' he went round the back and got through a bedroom window. He started pulling things about in the house. He hit her and dragged her by the hair through the house on to the front verandah.

    “I want to know,” she added, “if he could be bound over to keep the peace. I don’t want to be knocked about by him.”

    Defendant: Is it not a fact that on the Monday previous you stopped me and asked me to come to your house on the Saturday afternoon?—No; it is not.

    “I have been living with this woman for the last six years,” said defendant. “She seems to have a grudge against me. If I leave the place and go away, she is backwards and forwards after me. Two months ago I left home because we could not agree. Because I went away from home she seems to fetch up all these things against mo. I want to keep away from the place.”

    Defendant was given the benefit of the doubt, and discharged.

    Charged with using indecent language within hearing of persons passing in Somrell-street, defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined 20s, in default seven days.


    Edward Thomas Hinton (36) was charged with behaving in an indecent manner in George-street, Parramatta, on September 9. He said he was too drunk to know what he was doing. A fine of 20s was imposed, defendant pleading guilty.

    He was then charged with using indecent language in Marsden-street, Parramatta, on the same day.

Parramatta Public School, n.d. Image: NSW State Library collection. Reproduction: Peter de Waal
Parramatta Public School, n.d. Image: NSW State Library collection.
Reproduction: Peter de Waal

    Constable Woodhouse stated that defendant, who was under arrest, used the language on the way to the station. There were not many people about. Defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined 20s.

    Hinton was further charged with resisting Constable Woodhouse while in the execution of his duty. Constable Woodhouse stated that about 2 pm on September 9 he had cause to arrest the defendant outside the Woolpack Hotel. Defendant said it would require a better man than him (witness) to take him to the police station. When near the station witness had to get assistance. Defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined 20s.


    A charge of wilful and obscene exposure was preferred against Samuel Guy. The offence was alleged to have been committed at Parramatta on September 8, “in view of Charles and Macquarie streets.” Defendant pleaded not guilty.

    Evidence was given by Constable Beer, and a carter named Herbert Butler, that the offence was committed near the public school in Macquarie-street. At the time there was a number of girls in the playground.

    Constable Beer produced a statement made by defendant at the Parramatta police station.

    “A better son you could not wish to have in the house,” said defendant’s father. “It grieves me to see him in the position he is now in.”

    A sentence of three months’ imprisonment was suspended, on defendant entering into a bond, of £20, with one surety in £20, to be of good behavior for twelve months.


Samuel Guy
, 1925


The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers’ Advocate, Fri 22 May 1925 2



    Parramatta Police Court on Thursday:—

    John Slattery was charged with vagrancy.

    H pleaded guilty.

    Sergeant Williamson: This man was remanded a week ago, to allow him to go to a Home. He got into the police station instead.

    The Magistrate (to Slattery): You broke your word. I’ll keep mine. Three months!


    Daniel Raynor, at the Parramatta Police Court on Thursday was sentenced to three months imprisonment for vagrancy.

    For Wilful and obscene exposure, Samuel Guy was “sent along” for a similar term.

    Frank Leonard was fined £3 for indecent language;

    Michael John Fitzgerald, £2 for offensive behaviour.

    Robert Gibbons was fined 10s, with 8s costs, for smoking in a butcher’s shop at Granville.


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