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1925, Jason Wilberforce Parker - Unfit For Publication
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The Maitland Daily Mercury, Thu 1 Oct 1925 1



    Before Mr H Mangan, JP, at the East Maitland Police Court, Jason Wilberforce Parker, 2 who was arrested yesterday afternoon by Constable Smith, was remanded for 8 days on a charge of indecent exposure.

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The Newcastle Sun, Fri 9 Oct 1925 3

Six Months’ Hard Labor

    Jason Wilberforce Parker, age 47, was to-day at the East Maitland Police Court, sentenced by Mr Cleeve PM, to 6 months hard labor for having been guilty of indecent exposure in Grant-street, East Maitland, on September 30. It was stated in evidence that several young girls witnessed the offence.

    “Australian girls must be protected from men of your kind,” remarked the magistrate.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Maitland Weekly Mercury, Sat 17 Oct 1925 4

Magistrate’s Comment.

    James Wilberforce Parker, aged 47, pleaded not guilty to a charge of exposing himself on the East Maitland Reserve on September 30, before Mr MH Cleeve, PM, at the East Maitland Police Court on 9th inst. “I was drunk and know nothing about it,”' he said.

    Constable Smith stated that about 6 pm on September 30 last, he saw the defendant in Grant-street, East Maitland. He said to him: “I have received a complaint that you have been exposing yourself before children this afternoon.”' Defendant replied, “I know nothing about it.” Witness said he went a few yards away into a house and brought out a little girl. The girl said the man was trying to get her to go into the park with him, but she would not go.

    Another girl, the constable said, stated that the defendant wanted to meet her after dark that night in the park. The defendant denied that he did that. He was then arrested. “I have seen the defendant in the park and about the lanes quite frequently,” witness added. “He does very little work, not averaging three months in twelve.”

    Two girls, aged 13 and 11 gave corroborative evidence.

    The defendant, who was convicted of a similar offence at Newcastle in 1920, said he did not desire to give evidence.

    In convicting, the PM said, “Young Australian girls must be protected from men the like of you. I intend making an example of you.” He ordered him to be imprisoned with hard labour for six months in Maitland gaol.


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