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1903, Ah Sue - Unfit For Publication
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The Moree Gwydir Examiner and General Advertiser, Tue 1 Sep 1903 1

Monday, 31st August.
(Before His Honor Judge Gibson).

    The Court of Quarter Sessions was opened at 10 o’clock yesterday morning. His Honor Judge Gibson presided and Mr W Bevan prosecuted for the Crown.

    Messrs Coffee and Pike, Barristers, and Messrs Hogan, Stirton, and Avern, Solicitors, sat at the Solicitors’ table.

    Ah Sue, charged 25th May, 1903, in a public place, with indecently exposing his person in Frome-street; further charged 27th May, with having in Heber-street indecently exposed his person; also on the 1st June in Heber-street.

    Accused pleaded not guilty.

    The following composed the jury:– H Krohn, JM Hutton, GS Crowley, WE Taylor, GH Wall, R Boland, JS Cullen, AF Glennie, John Cameron, Thos Hickey, M Drinan, and RPE Craig.

    Accused was dismissed on two charges of indecent exposure. Two more charges against the same accused were adjourned until the next Quarter Sessions. Bail being allowed – self £100 and two sureties of £50 each.

    The Court adjourned sine dei.

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The Moree News, Tue 1 Sep 1903 2

Monday, August 31.
(Before His Honor Judge Gibson).

    The Moree Quarter Sessions were opened at the Court House this morning. Mr W Bevan acted as Crown Prosecutor. Mr PC Watt accepted a seat on the Bench as Deputy Sheriff; and Mr Glynn McFarland as Deputy Judge’s Associate.

    The legal profession was represented by Messrs GH Pike and Coffey (barristers), and Messrs PE Stirton, TR Hogan, AF Avern, and WC Moodie (local solicitors.)


    A Chinaman, Ah Sue, was indicted on a charge of indecent exposure on 25th May last in Frome-street, and with committing a similar offence in Heber-street on the 27th May, and on 1st June.

    Accused pleaded not guilty, and was undefended.

    The jury was duly sworn, and evidence given by witnesses – young girls – that the alleged offence was committed in their presence.

    The jury retired for about 10 minutes, and returned into court with a verdict of not guilty.

    Two other similar charged were then preferred against the accused by the Crown, to which a plea of not guilty was given. These charges were set down for next Sessions, and His Honor fixed bail at a surity [sic] of £100, or two sureties of £50 each.


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