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Tweed Herald and Brunswick Chronicle, Fri 24 Nov 1905  1



Prior to beginning the business of the District Court on Wednesday morning Mr Sheridan drew attention to the inadequate accommodation provided by the present courthouse buildings, and expressed the hope that when His Honor, Judge Armstrong, reached Sydney he would do his utmost to have the matter brought under the notice of the proper authorities. In the course of his pointed remarks Mr Sheridan specially referred to the fact that when a Jury case was called on the previous day, instead of there being a proper Jury box for the accommodation of the Jurymen a table was improvised for that purpose; and, furthermore, when the time had arrived for the Jurymen to consider their verdict it was necessary for them to take temporary possession of the office of the police—or rather a compartment which is at once the police office and a sleeping compartment for one or two of the force. And in a similar way the barristers were at a disadvantage for proper accommodation. He was only voicing the opinion of the legal profession when he said the accommodation was altogether inadequate. He felt confident the present building was not suitable for a climate like this, as it was inconvenient for everyone. Under present conditions it was only to be expected that things would happen that with more commodious buildings would be avoided. He hoped that His Honor would keep the matter in mind, and do his utmost to have an alteration effected when he reached Sydney.

His Honor concurred in these views and promised to do what he could in the matter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Evening News, Sat 21 Sep 1907  2


Murwillumbah, Saturday Afternoon.—A special meeting of the municipal council last night resolved not to pen a relief fund, as everyone is prosperous, and there is no need of assistance. Many substantial cheques have already been forwarded to the Mayor from all parts, including one for £25.

The council resolved that the Mayor go to Sydney immediately to interview the Premier, with the object of getting the main street widened by 10ft. All property-owners agree to the proposal, except one. The Mayor will also act in the matter of a water supply for the town while in Sydney.

Many orders are in the hands of architects and builders for new buildings, many of which will be substantial and of brick. The standard of the town buildings will be vastly improved. Additional police have arrived from Lismore, Byron Bay, and Cudgen, since the outbreak of the fire, to assist the local police.

The police court yesterday was held in the Protestant Hall, where the court house, lands, office, and petty sessions are temporarily located. A petition is being signed, supporting the request of the council for removal of the court house and gaol from the present congested site.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Sydney Morning Herald, Wed 13 May 1908  3


Murwillumbah, Tuesday.

A new Court-house has been erected, and the first case listed were to have been tried there to-day by Judge Gibson, sitting as a District Court. His Honor, however, was displeased with the new structure, and ordered the sitting to be held in the shire office.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Cootamundra Herald, Sat 16 May 1908  4


Judge Gibson, being displeased with the construction of the new court-house at Murwillumbah, adjourned the district court to the shire council rooms. Were the shire offices proclaimed as a court? If not, his Honor may be keel hawled for having caused much judicial confusion; and in any case he should be rebuked for his contempt of the department in providing the court-house. If he escapes censure, it might induce the jurymen of Cootamundra to shift their quarters from the local court jury benches and sleeping accommodation.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Northern Star, Thu 18 Feb 1909  5

Murwillumbah, Wednesday.

The excavation of the hill for the new Court House is almost completed, and the contractor is making good progress with the buildings, which, when finished, will fill the only gap left in the main street from the big fire.


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