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The Sydney Herald, Fri 11 Feb 1842 1    


    Principal Superintendent of Convict’s Office, Sydney, 4th February, 1842.—The tickets of leave granted to the undermentioned prisoners of the crown, have been cancelled for the reasons set against their respective names.—
    James Brown, per ship Layton, absent from his district without a pass, drunkenness, and representing himself free; Wollombi Bench.
    John Fewings, per ship, Indefatigable, 1812, drunkenness and false swearing; Maitland Bench.
    Maria Gibson, per ship Elizabeth, immoral conduct; Parramatta Bench.
    Stephen Knight, per ship Hercules, committed for trial on a charge of robbery; Scone Bench.
    James Kelly, per ship Lady McNaughten, gross assault; Port Macquarie Bench.
    Patrick Kirwan, per ship Jane; Principal Superintendent of Convicts.
    William Kilminster, per ship Midas (2), extreme insolence to his employer; Liverpool Bench.
    William Peacock, per ship, Florentia, drunkenness and false swearing; Maitland bench.
    Denis Mullaghan, per ship Norfolk (3), embezzling money and drunkenness; Wollombi Bench.

1  The Sydney Herald, Fri 11 Feb 1842, p. 3. Emphasis added.