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New South Wales Government Gazette, Tue 31 Oct 1843 1

    The Tickets of Leave granted to the undermentioned Prisoners of the Crown, have been cancelled for the reasons stated opposite their respective names:—

    Chappell William, Earl Grey 2, highly improper conduct, Melbourne Bench.

    [signed] J McLean.
Prin. Sup. of Convicts’ Office,
    Sydney, 28th October, 1843.

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The Sydney Morning Herald, Thu 2 Nov 1843 2

ROBBERY—About seven o’clock on Tuesday evening, a man named Francis Morris, assigned to Mr O’Brien, late of the Monitor Office, was sent to the post-office with some letters; when he walked up to the door of a draper, near the Post Office, where some coats and Panama hats were hanging—pulled down two hats and a coat, and immediately set off at full speed with the property, up King-street, shouting “stop thief!” and followed by several others making the same outcry. The Acting Chief Constable hearing a noise, joined in the chase, and succeeded in collaring Morris; when a struggle ensued, and the latter stumbled and was thrown on the middle of a quantity of crockery exposed in the street, where he was handcuffed and safely lodged in the watch-house. He was brought up at Hyde Park Court yesterday, and ordered to be worked in irons for twelve months. The owner of the crockery became very noisy as to the damage she had sustained by at least 2s 6d worth of it being smashed. But a sensible person, who happened to be passing, quieted her tongue, by pointing out to her that, if the constables were to look strictly into the matter, she might be fined for obstructing the pathway, by placing her goods there for sale.    

TICKETS OF LEAVE CANCELLED—The following prisoners of the Crown have had their tickets of leave cancelled for the reasons affixed to their respective names:—

    William Chappell, per Earl Grey (2), for highly improper conduct, Melbourne Bench.

1  New South Wales Government Gazette, Tue 31 Oct 1843, p. 1423.

2  The Sydney Morning Herald, Thu 2 Nov 1843, p. 4. Emphasis added.