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The Goulburn Herald, Sat 11 Oct 1862 1 


    APPOINTMENTS.— Theodore James Jacques, Esq, has been appointed to act instead of the Registrar-General, during the absence of that officer on special service in South Australia.

    FORBES DISTRICT COURT.—Mr William Fox Parker has been appointed registrar of the district court at Forbes.

    NEW MAGISTRATES.—John W Orridge, Esq, inspector of police, and John Murray Harnett, Esq, sub-gold-commissioner, have been appointed magistrates of the colony.

    INSPECTORS OF POLICE.—John W Orridge, Esq, has been appointed inspector, and Messrs James Muir and Thomas Roberts, acting sub-inspectors of police.

    THE LANCASHIRE RELIEF FUND.—Mr Marks wishes us to inform the collectors in the district of Goulburn, to whom lists were sent, that the names of contributors will be published in these columns on the 15th instant, on which day all balances in hand will be remitted to the treasurer of the Lancashire relief fund, Sydney. 

    THE LATE SEIZURE OF GUNPOWDER AT THE LACHLAN.—The government have remitted the fines imposed by the Lachlan bench of magistrates on Messrs Godfrey and Son, and Mr Bedel, for having gunpowder in their stores in excess of the quantities allowed by the act, and have ordered the powder to be returned. It is in contemplation to erect a magazine at Forbes. 


    A man named Joseph [aka Josh] Barton, brought from Nadgigomar by Constable Ussher of Bungonia, was found guilty of indecent exposure at Budjong. It appeared prisoner was a disreputable character, and there had been frequent complaints of his going about the country threatening people and stealing poultry. He was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment as a rogue and vagabond; and a musket and another weapon belonging to him were ordered to be forfeited. The remaining cases at the police court have been of no public interest.


1  The Goulburn Herald, Sat 11 Oct 1862, p. 2. Emphasis added.