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The Sydney Morning Herald, Tue 16 Sep 1862 1


Before the Mayor, with Messrs Murphy, S Cohen, Rose, Sutherland, Stewart, Smith, Cooper, and Kettle.

Robert Williams and John [aka James] Brown were brought before the Bench by sub-inspector Harrison, on a charge of having, on the Randwick racecourse, defrauded one John Donnelly of the sum of £10; he (Mr Harrison) apprehended them at a table in a tent, gambling with cards; on Williams found a pocket-book, in each of the several divisions of which he found a court card and two plain cards, and £6 in money; on Brown he found £8 17s.

John Donnelly, of Mittagong, carrier, deposed that, on Thursday last, he attended the Randwick races; in a tent on the course he saw the defendants and several others, betting on cards; he bet three times upon the king card, and lost—two bets of £2 each and one of £1; Williams asked him to bed again, but declined doing so just then; in about a quarter of an hour, having watched the operation, and having the desire to win back the £5 he had lost, he offered to bet £5 upon the king; Williams did not accept the bet, but taking the cards from the table said “You have lost,” and snatched the £5 note from his (Donnelly’s) hand; he remonstrated in vain that that was not fair; Brown received the first £5 and handed it to Williams; Williams took up the cards and snatched the note before he (witness) had drawn a card, and consequently before he could have lost the bet; Williams handed the money to a man not now before the Court; after endeavouring to get back the money, went for a policeman, who, on hearing the story, refused to take the charge; perhaps a hundred persons saw the transaction, and some of them said that he had been robbed, but he is not acquainted with any of them. Committed for trial at the District Court of Quarter Sessions. Bail Allowed. 

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The Sydney Morning Herald, Tue 21 Oct 1862 2


These sessions commenced this day, with a calendar of twenty-two prisoners.

Before Mr James Dowling, Judge.
The Crown Prosecutor conducted the following cases:—

Robert Williams and James Brown were indicted, that they did, by fraud, unlawfully devise, and ill practice in playing with cards, and unlawfully did win from one, Jon Donnelly, a certain sum, to wit, to the amount of £10, with intent to cheat the prosecutor, at the Randwick racecourse on the 11th September last. A second count charged the prisoners that, by fraud &c, did bear a part in the stakes, wagers, and adventure play a certain game played with cards, and did then and there win from the prosecutor £10, with intent to cheat him, the prosecutor. The game played is called French Monte. Verdict: Williams, guilty on the first count; Brown guilty on the second count. Remanded for sentence. Mr Driver defended the prisoners.

Joseph Robinson was indicted for feloniously breaking and entering a potato store, belonging to John Cronan, and attempting to steal ten pounds of potatoes, on the 25th September last. Acquitted and discharged.

The Court adjourned at half-past four until to-morrow morning, this day, at ten o’clock.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Sydney Morning Herald, Thu 23 Oct 1862 3


Before James Dowling, Esq, Judge.

The Crown Prosecutor conducted the following cases:—

Robert Williams and James Brown, convicted of gambling, on Tuesday, were severally sentenced, Williams to be imprisoned in Parramatta gaol, with hard labour, for nine months; Brown to be imprisonment in Sydney gaol, with hard labour, for nine months.


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