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Empire, Wed 14 Mar 1866 1

(Before the Police Magistrate, and Messrs Kettle, and Pinhey.)

    Johanna Smith, for disobeying a summons, was fined 5s, or three days gaol.
    James Taylor, for riotous behaviour in Pitt-street, was fined 20s, and Mary Howard, for riotous behaviour in Druitt-street, was fined 10s.
    Louis Fernandez [aka Lewis] and Mary Wright, for obscene behaviour in Hyde Park, were sent to gaol for three months.
    Lawrence Doolan was sent to gaol for four months, for being on premises of Louis Enschkel for an unlawful purpose.
    John Woods, brought up on warrant, for assaulting Thomas Grogan, was discharged. The case was a curious one. Both parties were drunk at the time of the alleged assault. The plaintiff said that whilst he was sitting in a public-house drinking, the defendant came up to him, dragged him out of his chair, hit him on the nose, and then jumped upon his hat and destroyed it. The defendant called two witnesses, who said they were present at the time, but saw no assault. The magistrates expressed their surprise that a warrant had been granted in this case, when a summons would have sufficed. They also said that too little regard was paid by any magistrates to the liberty of the subject, when they granted warrants so recklessly.
    George Pearce was committed to take his trial at the Quarter Sessions, for feloniously attempting to break and enter the shop of one James Hurley.


The Sydney Morning Herald, Wed 14 Mar 1866 2


Before their Worships the Police Magistrate, Messrs Pinhey, and Kettle.
    Of twelve persons brought in custody before the Court, four were discharged.
    Louis Fernandez and Mary Wright were found guilty of having wilfully and indecently exposed themselves in Hyde Park, and were sentenced to be imprisoned three months.


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