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The Sydney Morning Herald, Tue 14 Jul 1874 1


BEFORE the Police Magistrate, with Messrs Murphy, Meyer, Hughes, Powell, Cohen, Eady, Goldring, and Smart.

    Forty-seven persons were fined in sums varying from 5s. to 20s., on conviction of drunkenness, or of riots behaviour, or using obscene language in public.

    Bridget Gardiner, 70, charged with having no lawful visible means of support, and Catherine Richards, 74, for begging, were severally sentenced to be imprisoned six months.

    John Kennedy, 50, was summarily convicted of having stolen one paling, supposed to be worth 2d., which a constable saw him break from a fence at Newtown, and was sentenced to pay a penalty of 20s.; and Paul Hutchison, 15, convicted on his own confession of having stolen sundry scrape of old metal, the property of the Australasian Steam Navigation Company, was also sentenced to pay a penalty of 20s.

    William Henry Haigh, apprehended at Bathurst, appeared before the Bench in pursuance of a remand, to answer the information of Barbara Brignell, for neglecting to support an illegitimate child, of which he was alleged to be the father. Order made for payment of 10s. A week for the child’s support.

    Ann McDonnell was found guilty of having wilfully broken glass, the property of Ann Wills, and was ordered to pay 4s. 6d. damages, or to be imprisoned fourteen days.

    Henry Fitzpatrick was sentenced to be imprisoned three months for offending against decency in Hyde Park  at midday of Sunday.


1  The Sydney Morning Herald, Tue 14 Jul 1874, p. 2. Emphasis added.