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Clarence and Richmond Examiner and New England Advertiser, Sat 12 Feb 1876 1

Depositions cover. SRNSW: NRS880, [9/6599]. Photo: Peter de Waal
Depositions cover. SRNSW: NRS880, [9/6599].
Photo: Peter de Waal


    POLICE COURT, February 7.—Before the Police Magistrate.—Senior-constable Daniel Hogan deposed to having received a warrant dated 28th January, 1876, charging William Saul with beastiality–sic [bestiality with a mare]  on Wednesday, 2nd February, he proceeded to the residence of prisoner for the purpose of executing warrant; warrant now produced marked A; prisoner was not at home, and in the evening went to his father’s place, where prisoner sometimes resides; prisoner was not there; mentioned to the father the charge, and requested him to tell his son to give himself up to the police; he did so on Saturday last about 10 am; he said, “Mr Hogan I am here now if you want me;” the prisoner is 17 years of age. William John Porter being duly sworn said: He was a selector residing in South Lismore; know the prisoner before the Court; has known him for a few months, and by sight for about 12 months; on Thursday, January 13th last, was out on the plain at the back of Lismore; was looking after a little red heifer that he expected to calve. (The witness gave evidence as to the commission of the offence, which is unfit for publication.) The prisoner [William Saul]  made the following statement:—On the 13th January I was on my farm, splitting slabs, with my father and two brothers; I went there in the morning about half-past 8 o’clock and came in about 5 in the evening; I rode an old chestnut horse, in and out, which Mr Hogan brought down from Lismore on Saturday to my father’s place. Jeremiah Saul deposed: I am a cedar cutter residing near Gundurimba, in this district; I am the father of the prisoner; prisoner was with me, on the farm, on the 13th January, splitting slabs; he came there about 8 o’clock in the morning and went home between 5 and 6 in the evening; he rode an old chestnut horse out and in; prisoner remained with me till Friday week; he was not out of my sight in the middle of the day during that time.

    By the Bench: Prisoner was driving bullocks for Joseph McGuire, Emigrant Creek, for five weeks to the 13th January; we began on the farm on the 10th January, and my son was with me then and has not left me since; Loft’s Hill is about three miles from where we were working; it is between where we were working and our home; my son never went or returned except in my company, except on sundays; we left off splitting last Thursday week; I am sure we commenced falling on the 10th, and splitting on the 13th January; William John Porter re-called: He was quite sure the prisoner is the person referred to on the 13th January; saw him again later in the day, about 3 pm, driving bullocks down to the river attached to slide, on which was a water cask, about three-quarters of a mile from his father’s place; there was one of his younger brothers with him at the time; was positive it was the 13th January; had looked at the almanac when he came in to see what day it was; about two days previous to the 13th saw him lying under Loft’s verandah between 4 and 5 o’clock in the evening. Prisoner was committed to take his trial at Grafton. Bail allowed, prisoner in £200, and two sureties of £100 each.

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Evening News, Thu 23 Mar 1876 2


    The following are the arrangements for the forthcoming holding of Circuit Courts:—Wagga Wagga, Albury, and Deniliquin, His Honor the Chief Justice will preside. Mudgee and Bathurst, Mr Justice Faucett. Messrs MH Stephen, WC Windeyer, and GC Davis are appointed temporary Judges to preside at Goulburn and Yass, Dubbo and Grafton, and Armidale, Tamworth, and Maitland, respectively. Messrs AM Ritchie, JH Want, CJ Manning, J Coutts, GB Stephen, JE Salamons, [sic] PJ Healey, GB Simpson, FG Rogers, P O’Keefe, G Knox, and E Barton, have been appointed Crown Prosecutors for Tamworth, Yass Wagga Wagga, Goulburn, Dubbo, Albury, Armidale, Mudgee, Maitland, Grafton, Deniliquin and Bathurst respectively.

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Clarence and Richmond Examiner and New England Advertiser, Sat 25 Mar 1876 3

    CIRCUIT COURT.—It has been notified that the date for holding the sittings of the Circuit Court, at Grafton, has been postponed from the 19th day of April next, to the 21st of that month; and we have also been informed that Mr WS Windeyer QC, has been appointed Judge, and Mr Pierce O’Keeffe, [sic] Crown Prosecutor, on the above occasion.

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Clarence and Richmond Examiner and New England Advertiser, Sat 29 Apr 1876 4

    THE LATE SUPREME COURT.—The late sittings of the Supreme Court in Grafton presented a scene of hurry and scurry from the beginning to the close. No doubt the time of judges and lawyers is valuable and needs to be carefully expended, but it is one thing to use a fair amount and another to present an appearance of running a race in a given time. In the late court sitting the business did not commence until Friday morning, and continued almost without intermission for 24 hours, during which time the legal engine seems to have gone full speed. High pressure may do very well when danger is imminent, but for all general purposes there does not seem to be the necessity for such extreme hastiness on that part of the Crown to rush jurymen, witnesses, and Crown Prosecutor, and thereby in some cases militate against plaintiffs and defendants both. No doubt his Honor Judge Windeyer possesses talents of a high order, and as such is entitled to great respect; but it is a question if his Honor should visit the district again, and puts on the steam as he did on the last occasion, counsel will feign illness, and jurymen will wax wroth if they are compelled to hurry over the business of the country, seeing that no one knows how soon he may require the interposition of the law court to try his own cause.

    THE CLARENCE AND RICHMOND RAILWAY.—The following notice appeared on the business paper for Tuesday last, and has been since carried:– Mr Bawden moved,—That there be laid upon the table of this House copies of the survey, plan, and surveyor’s report as made of a suggested line of railway from Iluka Clarence River to Woodburn, Richmond River, together with an estimate of the cost for constructing same upon a gauge of 3 feet 6 inches.

    CHURCH OF ENGLAND.—In accordance with notice given on Sunday last, a public meeting of members of the Church of England was held in Christ Church on Tuesday evening last, at 8 o’clock, for the purpose of electing two lay representatives to the second synod of the Diocese of Grafton and Armidale, to be held on Wednesday, 3rd May. The Rev JL Smith, AB, of Christ Church, presided. The meeting having been opened by prayer, the chairman read a telegram from his diocesan giving him authority to act and define the mode of the election of delegates. Each nominated sign a declaration to the intent that he was a member of the Church of England. Mr TT Sellor moved the election of Mr T Hawkins Smith as a lay representative. Mr EC Lewington seconded the motion. Mr WG Hart moved the election of Mr EC Batt, Dr Webster seconded the motion. The meeting unanimously elected the two gentlemen whose names had been proposed by their nominators. The meeting closed with the usual benediction.


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