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The Sydney Morning Herald, Mon 11 Aug 1879 1


    At the CENTRAL POLICE COURT, on Saturday, the Police Magistrate was assisted by Messrs Cunninghame, Arguinbau, and Fowler.

    Abraham Cohen, 14, Patrick Smith, 12, and Edward McCann, 14, were charged with riotous behaviour—running about, shouting, and throwing mud, orange peel, and anything that came to hand—to the annoyance of the public and the interruption of the passage in Pitt-street. On the evidence of the apprehending officer, the boys were found guilty. Mr Cunninghame, one of the sitting Justices, said that his place of business was next to the Evening News office, and the crown of boys—newsboys and others—that from about 2 o’clock in the afternoon until all hours of the night assemble thereabout, making all sorts of noises, put an entire stop both to business and the free passage of the street. He thought that some system of registration, or the use of a badge, should be adopted, to distinguish those who are really newsboys from the larrikins. The boys were sentenced to pay a penalty of 5s each, or to be imprisoned until 8 pm. 
    Caroline Lindo, convicted of being a common prostitute, wandering and behaving in an indecent manner, was sentenced to be imprisoned six months. 


1   The Sydney Morning Herald, Mon 11 Aug 1879, p. 7. Emphasis added.