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The Sydney Morning Herald, Wed 24 Nov 1886 1


    WE are not yet in a position to announce the name of the Chief Justice, or to say that an appointment has been made. The letter referred to in a paragraph published in our issue of yesterday was received by the Premier from Mr Salomons yesterday morning, and we understand that in this letter Mr Salomons informs the Government that he intends to adhere to his determination to resign his appointment. The letter was considered at a meeting of the Cabinet in the afternoon, but as the Minister for Works, the Minister for Justice, the Postmaster General, and the Minister for Mines were not present, a decision upon the matter was postponed until to-day. With regard to the name of the gentleman to be appointed to the vacant office, or to whom the position will probably be offered, nothing definite can be said; but Mr Cecil B Stephen is mentioned as most likely to have the appointment offered to him. It is not at all probable, we understand, that, after what has taken place in connection with Mr Salomons’ resignation, the position will be offered to any one of the Puisne Judges.

    The Premier will probably accompany the Attorney-General on his visit to Cootamundra next Saturday.

    The usual weekly meeting of the Executive Council was held yesterday. Only routine business, we are informed, was transacted.

    The English mail by the Peninsular and Oriental Company steamer Shannon arrived overland from Melbourne, and was delivered from the General Post Office yesterday morning. The latest London date is October 15. Our London letter will be found in another page.

    An exciting incident was witnessed in Elizabeth-street, at the junction of Goulburn-street shortly after 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon. A horse attached to a light vehicle, which was being driven up the hill, apparently became frightened at a railway tram coming down, and dashed on to the footpath, knocking down a little girl, who fell helplessly screaming under its hoofs. The driver appeared to lose all control over the affrighted animal, which plunged about in a most alarming style, while the passengers in the tram momentarily expected to see the little girl killed by a blow from one of the hoofs. A gentleman seeing the imminent danger the child was in darted forward, either from the tram or across the street, at the risk of his own limbs, caught the little creature by the arm and swung her out of harm’s way on to the adjoining verandah. The courage and presence of mind displayed was very favourably commented on by those who witnessed the incident but were powerless to interfere.

    The corporal punishment awarded by Mr District Court Judge Docker to two prisoners tried before him at the Wellington Court of Quarter Sessions on the 16th instant was administered in Darlinghurst Gaol shortly after 5 o’clock yesterday evening. The prisoners were Henry Hornsby (24) and Joseph Moore (19). The first-named was convicted upon a charge of attempted beastiatlity, [sic] and received a sentence of three years’ penal servitude and 25 lashes. Moore, who was found guilty upon a charge of attempted rape, received a sentence of five years’ penal servitude and 25 lashes. The flogging, which was very severe in each case, was carried out in the presence of Mr Read (governor of the gaol), Dr O’Connor (visiting surgeon), two or three gaol officials, and the representatives of the press.

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Goulburn Evening Penny Post, Thu 25 Nov 1886 2


    Two prisoners—Henry Hornsby and Joseph Moore—who was [sic] sentenced at the Wellington Quarter Sessions on November 16 by Mr Justice Docker to receive 25 lashes each in addition to imprisonment, received their flogging at Darlinghurst gaol on Tuesday afternoon. The prisoner Henry Hornsby is 24 years of age, and was sentenced to three years’ penal servitude and 25 lashes for attempted bestiality, and Joseph Moore is 19 years of age, and received a sentence of five years’ penal servitude and 25 lashes for attempted criminal assault. Both men appeared to suffer acutely. The flogging was witnessed by Mr Reid, the governor of the gaol; Mr Carroll, the acting chief warder; Dr O’Connor, the visiting surgeon to the prison; representatives of the press and one or two gaol officials. Moore was the first to receive the punishment, which he bore very well. He groaned now and again, and at the 20th stroke cried out, “Oh! I’m fainting,” but was given the remaining five lashes. When he was unstrapped he walked away to the cell. Hornsby did not take his punishment so well. At about the 15th stroke he cried out, “Oh, doctor! This will kill me,” and writhed in agony. He received the remainder of his punishment, and walked back to his cell.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser, Thu 25 Nov 1886 3

(From Greville’s Telegram Co.)

Wednesday, lodged 11.25; received 12.50.

    Two prisoners, Hornsby and Moore, sentenced at Wellington to 25 lashes in addition to a heavy imprisonment sentence, underwent their flogging at Darlinghurst [gaol] yesterday. Both suffered severely.

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Henry Hornsby, Gaol photo sheet 4

SRNSW: NRS2138, [19/9835], Darlinghurst Gaol photographic description book, 1886, No. 3748, p. 217, R5102.

Gaol Photo Sheet - 
Transcribed Details

No. 3748

Date when Portrait was taken: 20-11-1886

Name: Henry Hornsby

Native place: England

Year of birth: 1862

Arrived       Ship: Kent
in Colony }   Year: 1885

Trade or occupation
previous to conviction  } Laborer

Religion: Ch of Eng

Education, degree of: R&W

Height: 5' 8¾"

Weight     On committal: 146
in lbs     } On discharge:

Colour of hair: Fair

Colour of eyes: Hazel

Marks or special features:

Where and when tried: Wellington Q.S.
16 Nov 1886

Offence: Attempted bestiality

Sentence: 3 years PS & 25 strokes on 23 Nov


 (No. of Previous Portrait ...  ) 


Where and When Offence. Sentence








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