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Below also see: John Rodgers, 1922

Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate, Tue 12 Jul 1904

Monday, July 11.
(Before Mr GF Scott, SM.)


    John Rodgers pleaded guilty to improper conduct in Auckland-street, Newcastle, on July 8, and in Railway-street on July 9. He said he could not remember committing the offences. After hearing the evidence, his Worship sentenced accused to six months’ hard labour in Maitland Gaol on each charge, the sentences to be cumulative. Females and children were about when the offences were committed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John Rogers, Gaol photo sheet 2

SRNSW: NRS2327, [3/5988], Maitland Gaol photographic description book, 1875-1930, No. 1367, p. 214, R5130.

Gaol Photo Sheet - 
Transcribed Details

No. 1367

Date when Portrait was taken: 5 October 1904

Name: John Rogers
(aka John Kelly, John Sullivan)

Native place: Sth America

Year of birth: 10/6/1855

Arrived       Ship: Sierra Incana
in Colony }   Year: 1904

Trade or occupation
previous to conviction  } Seaman

Religion: Pres[byterian]

Education, degree of: Sign name only

Height: 5' 8¼"

Weight     On committal: 140
in lbs     ] On discharge:

Colour of hair: Brown to Gray

Colour of eyes: Blue

Marks or special features: Left. Liberty and Tiger outside upper arm. Brown scar over elbow. Girl dancing on ball inside forearm. Right: American Coat of arms outside upper arm. Girl fishing inside forearm. Oval marks on back of hand. Face:- Scar over left eye. Scar forehead. Scar right side chin. Chest:- Double breasted and hairy. Rest of body:- Large scar on left shin.

(No. of previous Portrait ... ) 


Where and When Offence. Sentence

Newcastle PC. 




















Disobey Lawful Command

Indecent language


Expose person

Wilfully & obscenely expose person.
2 charges

4 weeks HL

40/- or C. Served

60/- or (?). Served

6 months HL

6 months  |  Accumulative



John Rodgers, 1922

The Bathurst Times, Tue 12 Sep 1922


    Arthur [aka John Rodgers] Rogers, about 56 years of age, was charged before his Honor, Judge Armstrong, and a jury, at the Bathurst Quarter Sessions to-day with an unnatural offence [bestiality with a cow ] of a most reprehensible character, at Nevertire. After hearing the evidence Constable Hamilton and Mr Waters, an hotel proprietor, accused [John Rodgers] made a statement from the dock, in which he denied the offence, and stated that he had been on a drinking bout for several days. He had previously worked in the district, and was of good character. Mr Frank Kenny, who appeared for the accused, addressed the jury at length. Mr Browning (Crown Prosecutor) called evidence to show that accused had already been convicted on several charges, including indecent behaviour, for which he had received 12 months’ imprisonment. The jury retired to consider the verdict. After an adjournment of 20 minutes the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Accused was discharged.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The National Advocate, Tue 12 Sep 1922 4


    The Bathurst Quarter Sessions will commence this morning and will probably extend to to-morrow. His Honor, Judge Armstrong, will preside, and Mr RJ Browning will be the Crown Prosecutor. The cases listed are: Fred Haddon, forgery and uttering (committed from Trundle), and larceny as a clerk (committed from Parkes); Sue Won, shooting at Leung Way with intent to do grievous bodily harm at Bathurst; John Rodgers, attempting to commit an unnatural offence, at Nevertire; Arthur Herbert Café, two charges of breaking and entering a motor garage and stealing therein, at Bathurst; Mary Agnes Grace Gearin, two charges of stealing in a dwelling house at Oberon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The National Advocate, Wed 13 Sep 1922 5


    Bathurst Quarter Sessions opened and concluded yesterday.

    There was quite an array of legal luminaries at the opening of the Bathurst Quarter Sessions yesterday. His Honor, Judge Armstrong presided, and Mr RJ Browning was Crown Prosecutor. Other legal persons present were: Messrs CA Hardwick and PR Higgins (barristers), FB Kenny, JH McIntosh, WH Henlen, AG Thompson, Frank Kenny, AJ Browning, PJ Major (Goulburn).

    “Boys are taking to doing what grown up men used to do.” This was the remark of His Honor, Judge Armstrong, at the Bathurst Quarter Sessions, when Counsel remarked that the action of a youth in taking a motor car and benzine from a garage in Russell Street was merely a boyish escape.

    Mr CA Hardwick, at the Quarter Sessions yesterday, asked Constable Rhall if a paragraph had not appeared in the paper about the shooting at Kelso, the morning after it occurred on August 26. The witness replied “It was not reported to the police until next day.” Mr Hardwick: “Never mind about the police. I don’t care a continental about the police. Very often the newspapers in the country record such incidents before the police hear of them.”


    John Rogers pleaded not guilty at the Bathurst Quarter Sessions yesterday before his Honor Judge Armstrong and jury to a charge of committing an unnatural offence at Nevertire on August 20. Mr RJ Browning was the Crown Prosecutor and Mr Frank Kenny appeared for the accused. After evidence for the Crown had concluded, accused made a statement from the dock in which he denied the charge and explained his actions. After a retirement of about half an hour the jury returned into court with a verdict of not guilty and accused was discharged.


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