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The Sydney Morning Herald, Wed 27 Feb 1929 1

No. 1 COURT.
(Before Acting Judge Rowland.)
Crown Prosecutor, Mr VH Treatt.

No. 2 COURT.
(Before Judge Curlewis.)

    Senior Crown Prosecutor, Mr LJ McKean.


    Arch Albert Edwards, 23, labourer, was charged with having committed an act of lewdness at Chatswood, on November 18, and was acquitted and discharged. Mr ND Thomas appeared for the accused.


    Sydney Rowan, 40, a labourer, was sentenced at the Campsie Police Court yesterday to four months’ imprisonment with hard labour, on a charge of having stolen two suits of clothes valued at £11, the property of David Goldberg Dawson, at Bankstown, on February 18.

    Rowan said that Dawson gave him the suits to pledge at any other pawnbroker’s shop, and told him to use his discretion in accepting a price for them.

    Mr Flynn, SM, in sentencing Rowan, said that he had never heard a more ingenious excuse than that of defendant’s. Such a transaction as the one described—a pawnbroker pawning his goods to another pawnbroker—had never taken place before.


    Charles Clyde Ward, 33, an upholsterer, pleaded guilty at the Kogarah Police Court yesterday to two charges of theft.

    Two women gave evidence that defendant had boarded at their residences and asked for board. During their absence defendant had stolen goods from other boarders’ rooms.

    Ward, who admitted a number of previous convictions, said that he had since married, but because of the thefts he had lost his wife. She had been taken away from him until he had served his sentence and repaid the people who he had robbed.

    “I have no sympathy for a man like you. This is a frightfully common offence, and you are qualified to be declared a habitual criminal,” said Mr Laidlaw, SM.

    Defendant was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment with hard labour, the sentences to be cumulative.


    At the Central Police Court yesterday Guido Caletti, labourer, 30 years of age, was charged with having maliciously shot at Ernest Lyell Connolly, on the 17th inst, with intent to murder him. There was also a second charge against him of having an unlicensed weapon in his possession.

    The Police prosecutor pointed out that though the person shot at by defendant had considerably improved in health, he was still in hospital. Defendant was remanded to March 6 on £250 bail, this being reduced from the original bail of £500 when the case was formerly before the court.


1     The Sydney Morning Herald, Wed 27 Feb 1929, p. 12.